My name is Chris and this is my blog.  Not sure what blog means but it sounds like it hurts and will take an ointment to get rid of.  Anyway, I began this blog for me to create a space to tell my story among other things.  I am a person in recovery and have been sober for over 5 years…this time.  Tina and I, my wife of 28 years, lost our son to a heroin overdose February 22, 2013 and this is his story, my story, our story.  This blog is also my attempt at helping to break the negative stigma that surrounds addiction and drug overdose in our society today.  I used to think addicts were homeless, uneducated, dirty rotten scumbag humans who drank from the bottle out of a paper bag.  Until I became one.  Today I know better.  I know professional athletes, doctors, dentists, millionaires, lawyers, wall street traders, people from all walks of life who are in recovery.  Today I also know that my wife and I are but only two people in a sea of thousands who have lost a love one to addiction/overdose.  You may show up here and scoff loudly at this site and point your finger and leave without giving it a second thought or who knows, you may stay and read the story and start talking with a fellow human about what an addict and addiction really are.  That is my hope anyway, that you stay, read the story and start dialogue with someone on what it means to have this deadly disease called addiction.  Thousands are dying from it every day and I hope this site and our story helps in preventing even one more death.


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