Part 2: Childbirth

The birth of a child is inspiring, it is overwhelming and it changes everything forever.  The experience is affirming, loving, joyous, and righteous and so much more; it creates a bond that can never be broken.  The love for a child endures, my love for my children overflows.

When Gabriel our oldest of two sons was born the experience was overwhelming.  It’s difficult to put into words just how deeply I was moved.  And how deeply I continue to be affected by him even though he is gone.  And now, how deeply I am affected by his absence.  I will never ever be the same.

As I lay sleeping with one eye open I felt the elbow to the ribs I had anticipated receiving for 9 months.  As it turns out that was only the beginning of many elbows I would receive sleeping or otherwise over the course of our 27 years of marriage.  And there it was, a sharp elbow to the ribs followed by Chris!  Wake up!  I think it’s time, my water just broke!  Call a taxi!  As I jumped out of bed my head was spinning.  It was 3:00 AM and Tina’s water had broken.  Yep, sure enough, there it was a big puddle there on the floor where she was standing at the foot of the bed.  I was so excited.  I was so scared.  I was so happy.  I changed in that moment, life as I knew it just monumentally changed in a split second.  It was an overwhelming palpable feeling.  Gabriel was coming and we had to get to the hospital.

So, I called that taxi.


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